Roulette Systems

Everyday millions of online and land casino players try their luck. Regardless of the odds, there are systems created to give hope to desperate and passive gamblers who want to make some sense of it all. Let's delve into the most common Roulette systems played today:

The Martingale System:

The Martingale is the most acknowledged roulette system. The player doubles their bet after each loss, so that the first win can recuperate all previous losses, while winning a profit equivalent to the original bet. By doubling and redoubling their bets, a player will either run out of money or reach the table limits.

The Fibonacci System:

Many consider the Fibonacci roulette system to be superior to the Martingale system because the player only needs to win half as much as they lose. The strategy in this online roulette system is a movement based on a series of numbers where each number is the total of the previous two numbers. Such as:

Wager 4 and lose
Wager 4 and lose
Wager 8 and win

In this scenario you have recovered your losses.
With this system you risk your winnings, as long as you're on a winning streak. With the Martingale roulette system you risk your personal funds rather than your winnings.

The D'Alembert System:

Also known as ‘montant et demontant' ; French for upwards and downwards, this is typically a pyramid system. The D'Alelmbert system is used on even money outside bets. After every loss, one piece is added to the next bet, after each win one piece is removed from the next bet.

The Labouchère System:

This system utilizes a sequence of numbers in a row to decide the bet amount, after a win or loss. The player adds the figures at the front and end of the row to decide the next bet amount. When the player wins, he takes out numbers and resumes using the smaller line. If they loose, they add their earlier bet to the end of the line and resume using the longer row.

The Paraloi System:

This roulette system uses a positive progression system which means that the player expands their bets while they are winning.

There are many nonsensical roulette systems, many sold online. And while there is no specific recommendation for any system, a player can increase the enjoyment and intrigue of playing roulette by using one.

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