Video Poker Strategy

Poker demands a strategy before a player begins to play. Most gamblers who play poker have a particular game they like and prefer not to stray from it. The machines' software is based on a random computer program and no matter how 'techie' a player is the house always has the edge. However, a bit of Video Poker strategy can't hurt as from time to time a win could be around the corner.

Video poker strategy #1
Try to master your favorite poker game. Five card draw would be a good beginning as this is what most video poker games are based on and learning the pay tables is a bonus. Select a video poker game that permits better payouts even if the hand is a pair of jacks or higher. Getting acquainted with a video poker game will give the player an edge and possibly find the poker software's weakness.

Video poker strategy #2
After studying the various poker games a player selects the one they prefer. Many stay with jacks or higher or a variant of it, this way it's possible to still win a two of a kind in the face card stage. Games requiring a two pair or three pair are tough to defeat. A player must maneuver the offerings as much as they can in order to prevail. If they don't triumph on the first poker game they can always try a different poker game or start over again.

Video poker strategy #3
Jacks or higher or five card draw are the top games in video poker for beginners. With these choices a player becomes skilled at the various options and still make a bit of dosh while playing.

Video poker strategy #4
It's possible to wager small amounts; however, if a player wagers the maximum coins they will receive better payouts. A player should never bet the minimum even if they aren't playing for the jackpot. At the least stay a coin or two above the minimum for a possible higher win.

Video poker strategy #5
Knowing which cards to keep and which cards to discard is crucial. For instance if a player has a king, ten, five, ace and jack they would throw away the five and keep the other four; a possible royal flush in the making.

Casinos with video poker:
Bet 365 Casino and Unibet Casino

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